The Tower and Ricetto of San Mauro is situated near Turin. Years ago the tower was the bell tower of the Almese parish, which sink its roots in 1000 d.C, when it was donated to the San Giusto abbey in Susa from the turinese marquess Olderico Manfredi. After some changes the bell tower became the most important tower of the village. Years later it started to be used as a storage for agricoltural tools, having a lack of importance in Almese

Nowadays, the beauty of the Tower and Ricetto of San Mauro is in danger (already compromised by the atmospheric agents) it’s cravingfor cures and without them the patrimony of the village would dissapered, loosing defenetly the memory of our community.

Knowing that the conditions are not moral acceptable, Domenica Bussetti starts a brand new venture “SAVE THE TOWER”, with which she wants to start a gathering of funds opened to all of us.